White Jeans Love

Last but not least here is my fourth and last look of my Dixie series, but this time we're talking about summer!
I've been looking for the perfect pair of white jeans for about a month and finally found them when I fell in love with these wide leg and that red pattern- ahhhhh- it won my heart!
The hard thing about white jeans is that most of the time the shape+the material doesn't always suit the body, and shows all of the possible imperfections (actually I am pretty sure it makes it worse), but these DIxie jeans have a really good wearability and dont stick to your skin, which is a plus!!!
On top I am wearing an open kimono with a flower pattern and I love that you can tie it at the front keeping the bottom loose.

this will definitely be one of my "To-go" looks for summer nights with friends
what do you think?

you can find my look here:
Jeans + Kimono