On the last week of may (25th-29th) I had the pleasure of travelling with Balkan Express on an adventure to Sharm El Sheikh. I had never been in Egypt (or Africa actually!) before, and I was already very excited to tick this off my "world list". 
We arrived on a late flight on thursday night and we barely even had the chance to meet the people that later on we discovered being one AMAZING group of travellers.

We started the adventures right on friday morning, driving to the harbour where our Balkan Boat was waiting for us. We navigated around the Red Sea to reach the perfect point (Ras Mohamed) to dive in to do some Snorkelling: to be honest this was also a first!!! I was scared AF* but after a couple of minutes adjusting my excitement I was so glad I jumped in the water and started swimming along the incredible coral reef!

On our second day we were ready for another adventure planned in the Desert.
We arrived at this gorgeous bedouin tent welcomed by a couple of locals offering us tea and getting us ready for the desert's dust rolling keffiyeh on our heads.
We drove these small cars-like called "Dune Buggy" around the desert of Nabq, stopping for sandboarding and pictures in the oh-so-hot white sand.
We got on our Buggys again to reach the gulf of Aqaba where we had dinner WITH and LIKE locals in another amazingly colourful tent: It felt like a dream.
The hypes of this adventure though were definitely meeting free-running camels along our drive and dancing to the colours of the sunset during dinner.

Our third day was all about exploring the Balkan Express resorts: Sierra Hotel and Savoy.
We walked around their structures, sneaked in the swimming pools and finally had the chance to experience the hotel's beach.
To our surprise, the coral reef looked even more gorgeous here, and I was amazed by the amount of fish that would come up to eat crumbs we would throw in the water.

This has literally been one of my favorite trips on earth, seeing places that leave you breathless while making some pretty cool friends with beautiful free souls... it's something I will never forget.
Thank you Balkan Express for the fun loving trip, and thank you guys for all of the good laughs and dances,
You were the best!

you know who you are! but just in case...
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