My trip around Isole Eolie has been a dream.
I had this journey organised with my family months before and everything was magic.
It was my parents, my sisters, our boyfriends, the kids and my aunt and uncle all in one big boat ready to sail!

We left on a saturday morning from Milan and landed in Catania, and then got on a bus that took us directly on our boat in Milazzo! We had a little happy hour and then started sailing towards our first stop: Lipari.
We had a little rough wind and sea on the first two days which led us to having to come back to Lipari later in the week too. But all good.

Our second stop was Vulcano- where we had the chance to climb up the actual volcano (which is active but has not erupted since 1890) and get to the Gran Cratere and his fumaroles. It’s a beautiful hike and pretty easy too, no need for fancy sport equipment but do bring tennis shoes! 
Therasia Resort has a beautiful terrace to have a romantic happy hour while looking at the sun going down and King of Fish was our restaurant for that night which was amazing! 

Third stop: Salina
We only stopped here for a very short time and did a small bus trip around the island to see a few of the best view points.  We also stopped at a local’s house to taste some yummy wine and had gelato at Alfredo’s.

Fourth stop: Panarea
Ahhh this island is such a beauty, so fancy! all of its white houses and beautiful terraces, and cute shops. I was in love! We had happy hour at Raya’s while admiring a gorgeous view and you can also spot Stromboli’s eruptions while sipping wine!!!
I went back also the next morning to take some more pictures around the pretty streets. The most fun is to take a taxi (they only have 12 golf cars around the whole island!!!) and they drive like crazy up and down the gorgeous white houses.

Fifth Stop: Stromboli 
This was definitely my favorite island. 
Colorful houses all around, a beautiful square on top of the streets where you can see the harbour and of course, the volcano eruptions!!! 

We decided to rent a smaller boat to go just down the volcano to watch the stream of fire (“Sciara” in italian) which have intervals of every 20 minutes more or less, which is very impressive and something I will never ever forget!!!
Unfortunately being a very big group (and with kids) we decided not to hike the volcano this time but that’s the main reason why I will definitely be back SOON to go on top! 
Best Gelato: Lapillo Gelato (on the main street from the harbour to the big square).

All we were missing at this point were the white beaches of Pomice in Lipari, so we went! 
finally the sea around there was calmer and we managed to stop for a good half day and relax while admiring the clearest water with a backdrop of white mountains.
Everything had been so magical and I can’t thank my parents enough for the beautiful experience and memories which I will never ever forget!
Make sure to send me a message if you need recommendations or if you have any questions xx