[RUNWAYDREAMZ shorts, MOTEL dress (used as a shirt), SUPERGA shoes, NEW ERA cap]

#moustachicCALIedition :
this view was incredible.
we got at the top of the runyon canyon around 7ish and the sun was starting to come down and coloring the city in warmer colors.



[NASTYGAL/LUSH kimono, ONE TEASPOON shorts, VANS shoes]

we initially saw the sign from far far away and of course I had made some research on how getting the closest to it, but it was kind of useless as the gps didnt really help getting there.
so we left the car somewhere along the way and walked up through some houses and there it was, i am pretty satisfied, even if we could actually see little human beings sitting on the letters
 (yes, just like in movies!)
oh, well, next time!
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