sweater weather

the way I get inspired by lyrics to take my pictures is getting a little compulsive.
I literally just need one sentence and boom, I have it stuck in my head and need to do something with it.
Most of the time is Lana del Rey's fault, but this time it's The Neighbourhood's.
Sweater weather was my soundtrack for these past days, when the weather was actually dark grey and perfect for the song. Also, most of the times the official music videos bring me down as they almost never satisfy my visuals, but man, they nailed it, so amazing.
take a look!


spice up your life

high platforms, highwaist denim skirt and all the names of the spice girls on one top.
YES, we are back in 1996!



Happy saturday my lovers!
how do we LOVE this beyonce sweater?
I got it as a present for my bday from my cousins after theyve been hearing me singing "Drunk in Love" one too many times haha
and yes i am pretending to dance in some of the pictures.. or was i actually doing it..
wishing you all a great Easter weekend!!!
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