spice up your life

high platforms, highwaist denim skirt and all the names of the spice girls on one top.
YES, we are back in 1996!



Happy saturday my lovers!
how do we LOVE this beyonce sweater?
I got it as a present for my bday from my cousins after theyve been hearing me singing "Drunk in Love" one too many times haha
and yes i am pretending to dance in some of the pictures.. or was i actually doing it..
wishing you all a great Easter weekend!!!



click on link for HD quality!

The design week in Milan was gorgeous, so alive and full of people, it literally felt like being in a different city for a couple of days!
here is a brief video of my favorite events:
-Kway with its presentation of things that became an actual word in the dictionary with their brand name, such as "kway" itself, "Post-it", "Scotch" etc.
- An Italian Theory with the #pastaitaliana presentation of beautiful pieces created by the one and only Alessandro Enriquez
- Timberland and the beautiful setting of the natural ambience and a fun shooting with my friend Erica (I was mixing pretty well with the settings and my bambi tshirt dont you think?)
- DisaronnoLOVEsour in the beautiful Piazza Affari where I met the fun @CupofCouple and beautiful Andy Torres (you've seen the pictures on instagram right???)
- Gnambox showcooking at the Miele showroom, preparing two yummy sandwiches, one with bacon and one for the vegetarians!

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