Tell me your blue skies fade to grey

[NASTY GAL sweater and playsuit, ADIDAS shoes]

Hello loves, 
now the new website should be displaying correctly for everyone. we had some issues with the  mapping from the old blogger to the new platform and who had previously opened my blog wouldn't be able to see the new version due to the old caches. I don't even know what I am talking about. haha anyways the important thing is that everyone see it the way it's supposed to be now! yay! I also just ordered business cards with the new info for new york, i am so excited!


Fall in Williamsburg

IMG_7658 copy.jpg

[NASTY GAL dress and parka, DR MARTENS shoes, MARC JACOBS bag]

hello loves how are you?
I've been shooting a little bit with my super partner in crime erica (@thisissunshine)
and here are the new pictures! the weather in new york is still pretty awesome, you can go barelegs and a little jacket on top, it's definitely my favourite! And this Nasty Gal ensemble of dress and parka is perfection!

by the way, can you please let me know if you see the new version of the blog correctly?

Bushwick Rooftop

[BRANDY&MELVILLE jacket, PINK top, Silence+Noise boots]
Photos by Brittanny Taylor

Hello beauties,
Im finally ready with some fresh pictures shot in NYC!
We've been here for two weeks now and it seems like yesterday that we got at our place!!!
in the last couple of days I've been doing some test shoots with new photographers in the city so you will see some of the pictures online soon!
These are by the talented and most fun to work with Brittanny Taylor,
I had only met her for couple of minutes before shooting this and we clicked pretty well! 

by the way, how do you like the new website?