Here I am, 25 years old.
For some reason this number shocked me more than any other one. Maybe just because it’s a quarter of a century or maybe because I feel like we all sort of think through all of the things we have done so far and contemplate whether we did the right choices or not, and if we should have done something different. Maybe it’s because we still know that we can do whatever we want in life but sort of feel like if we want to do it, now it’s the time.
For me it’s definitely all of the above. I love what I am doing right now, but about a year ago I felt the pressure of doing more and more and decided that I needed to accomplish all of what I “wanted” in the next year before turning 25. I know it sounds completely foolish but I am also being completely honest with you. I no longer think it that way as I learnt that building a project takes time, all you need is the courage to actually do it yourself and what really makes you feel good and accomplished. (I also think it’s just a number, because in my head I really just turnt 21 hahahha)

Anyhow, philosophical matters aside, I decided I wanted to celebrate this step in life in a way that represented me the most. I gathered all the ideas in my head and luckily Giorgia, my manager, helped me out with making it happen! I am so truly impressed with the results and how it literally went over all of my expectations. 
Starting from an amazing location, Room Mate Giulia, I seriously couldn't have dreamed of a better place to fill with balloons and pink stuff. I mean… two Hotel Suites with one bath tub on the terrace- I was in awe! It was love at first sight- and it fit perfectly with the kind of event that I had in mind. 
I was set with doing something different from what is normally a birthday party. I felt like it should have been a cozy and cute reunion in a hotel room, so once I had the donuts in mind, what’s more chic than white wine and tea?
Our friends at Pellegrini S.p.a. had us covered with the best white wine from Fattoria Petrognano. (How often does it happen to sip white wine from a flute inside of a bath tub filled with balloons on a terrace of a hotel room? it was a moment I will never forget!)
For the non-alcoholics we had the cutest teas one could ask for :
Cold tea AMA_te from Bevande Futuriste sent me a range of different flavours in the most amazing bottles that went perfectly with the pastels colours theme SO SO CUTE! I made unique straws with hand-painted moustaches to go with the bottles and the final result was adorable- what do you think? :) 
Lipton for the hot-tea on the other side had a few special new flavours available called Pleasure Collection (or indulgent collection!) and listen to the names: Green Tea Strawberry Cupcake, Black Tea Pear Chocolate Inspiration, Black Tea Blueberry Muffin, Green Tea Lemon Macaron. Ahhhhhhh! 
I don't know if you remember but last year for my birthday I experimented doing a rainbow cake with my boyfriend so this year we did it again but with only pink layers- it was daaa bomb! It was a really simple (flavoured speaking) with sponge cake layers and yogurt cream, but it turned out visually amazing ;)
Also, FYI, I had a really hard times finding someone who makes donuts in Milan- so if you have a donuts business you should consider opening one here! hahaha I am not kidding!
Last but not least I wanted to thank the beautiful Asos team for making me feel pretty in my pink dress and badass flower rock shoes- as well as providing princess-like accessories for the girls to take pictures with at the party. You are the best!
Now I feel like I’ve been blabbing around for a loooot but I really wanted to get you in the party mood and let you know how we organised this beautiful location and gathered ideas. 
Again, it was the prettiest and amazing day, thank you all so much for all of my friends in Milan for coming and also for the ones who didn't make it but who still celebrated with me, and for those cute cute flowers and gifts. (never actually received so many bouquets in my whole life).

I feel so blessed to have had the chance to celebrate with you!
check out all of the guests pictures under #moustachic25th




(Just kidding I'm not done just yet! SO there is a list of people I want to thank for making it all come true. Number one amazing lady was Giorgia, again thank you so much for believing the two of us could make this happen. My boyfriend for keeping up with a very stressful and over-creative version of me + making a gorgeous cake. My sisters for going along with my crazy expectations of cutting paper to put in a transparent balloon and painting by hand every moustache-straw to make it unique- as well as taking these amazing pictures at the party. Parents, I wouldnt know where to begin. My cousin Franci for doing the BESTEST girly playlist of all times - and you can find it on spotify here: 
Last but not least Stefano of Room Mate Giulia for being so available and kind all the time! )