post- birthday

hola chicas ( and chicos too!) 
I just wanted to show you a couple of pictures I shot yesterday with my sister, after a whole week of celebrating my birthday (yes, I loooove birthdays and a little party never killed nobody right? :P ) 
I had a pizza party with my friends on friday and you can see a sneak peak on my instagram here:
everyone literally went crazy for this pizza cake idea and I will do a post about it soon! I never had such a crazy engagement with just one single photo! 

anyhow- on this post I am wearing a C/MEO collective dress that I ordered for my bday but ended up not wearing, and my braaand new pair of Celine sunglasses that my sisters got me for my bdayyyy! I could not believe they got me these! Soon all of the other presents too- I was realllllyyy spoiled by everyone this year it's crazy!! haha xx