Never stop pushing - Mizuno

Last week I had the pleasure of running around my city, Milan, with Mizuno!
We met at 12pm for a quick change of brand new clothes and shoes, immediately trying on the new MIZUNO SYNCHRO MX. I have a thing for running shoes, I really do. Since I was a little kid every time I was trying to pick the perfect pair, mainly concentrating on the colors I liked (trying to be honest here, try telling me you didnt do it!) my dad always stressed out the importance of having a good and comfortable running shoes and the benefits that they give you while working out but most importantly after. The ones I'm telling you about have an evolutionary lightweight midsole that delivers stress-free cushioned rides with high rebounds for an energised, euphoric  and super-comfortable run. 

 After meeting with our running motivators for the day, we did some stretching and then we were ready for the real deal. We ACTUALLY ran around Porta Genova, the Navigli and Ticinese non stop (a photographer was following us but I promise we were really running). Our running motivators would correct our posture and literally motivate us to keep on running. Something I usually do, and that I tried to correct while running that day, is to keep my arms and elbows really close to my body which makes me hunch my back. So they kept on recalling on my posture and reminding me to open my arms and use them, moving them back and forth correctly, to gain some energy for my run. Every time winter goes by, and I'm used to be running on my treadmill, I keep forgetting how fun and so much more rewarding it is to run outside in the open air, but there are absolutely two things that I cant miss while running to motivate me the most and it's either to have someone to run with or better yet to have my music playing. Thank god I had my babes Sophia and Valentina running with me! I cant wait to take my motivation to another run around the city. What is your running motivator? Remember to never stop pushing!

I was wearing:
Mizuno Synchro MX in PINK (they are suuuuper light and only weight  280g)
The Mizuno Synchro concept delivers a really comfortable blend of cushioning and guidance