Hello lovesss,
guess where i am posting from?
yessss New York!! my summer has officially began and with that said, 
i quickly wanted to introduce you to:

- my ultimate favourite piece in my wardrobe, this amazing &otherstories leather skirt, (have you ever seen such a beauty?) it was definitely love at first sight, and destiny at the same time, because I kept going back to the store, try it on, and leave it there until the day I realized there was only one left, and guess what? my size. and oh well what you gotta do? it's fate!

- you have probably already heard the biiig news but it's for sure now and it's only a couple of days away:
BLOGLOVIN is the new Google Reader. 
so don't hesitate to import all your favourite blogs from one platform to the other with this super simple step : http://www.bloglovin.com/import/reader

- I still have couple of posts to share with you that I shot in Milan, also because my partner in crime aka sister aka moustachic's photographer will be getting here in NY only in 3 weeks, so by then I will try my best to shoot outfit pictures (i am sure my friends here will help a lot, right Nicole? ) other than only fill you up with instagram picture and videos.
pinky promise.

- and it was about time i would introduce you to this blue gate that has been my main background for most of my favourite posts. so I hope they never change the color/take it down. i love shooting there!