if you follow my instagram/facebook you have already been bombarded by the amazing collection the guys of Au Jour Le Jour have created for the boys. 
My absolute favourite was of course the dinosaur playing baseball, either the hat or the bomber. (i feel the URGE to have that piece in my wardrobe...either one of them, or both.........)
what do you think of the collection? 
you can also see the video thanks to instagram's new feature!! haha

and another important announcement,
the winner of my giveaway with Maison Miau..
it was a hard pick since you guys were all really into it, but our favourite was:
Gabi's comment!!!
"Wild song for me:
-Sex on fire- 

congratss Gabi!!we loved the idea of the song, and the song itself. it represented so much just in one simple youtube link, exactly what we thought the contest would be like! you will be getting your prize soon!!!
thanks to all the other girls that took part in the giveaway..remember there is still a giveaway on for you, you can enter here