On top of the Duomo with Musement

On top of the Duomo with Musement

When Musement asked me to pick one experience in Milan to have the perfect date for Valentine’s Day I had no doubts. 
I decided to book 2 tickets for the Duomo terraces to bring Giacomo who had actually never been …and he is from Milan!!! (sooo crazy I know!!!) This had to be fixed.
If you are not familiar with it, the Duomo is the majestic cathedral (and biggest church in Italy) in the city center of Milan built in 1386, it took 6 centuries to complete…no wonder why it’s so perfect. It’s main characteristics are the many openwork pinnacles and spires, with delicate flying buttresses. You will be in awe just by admiring how detailed every piece of it is, but the best part is definitely the Madonnina, the gold statue on the very top of the Duomo, looking down on the city.

We waited until Sunday afternoon to get there and other than visiting the inside of it you can also access the terraces by stairs or elevator and I promise, the view is something you won’t easily forget.  When you book your experience through Musement you don’t need to print any tickets as you can go to straight to the ticket office with your booking number, skip any line there might be, and get your audio guides and tickets.
Once you go through the security (also skipping the line!!!) you have straight access to the elevator or stairs  (I’ve been on top many times and have done both- I suggest if you have the possibility and time do the stairs at least once in your life :) 

When you get out of the elevator you still have a couple more stairs till you get to the main terrace, but my favorite view is definitely the one you see from the last flight of stairs through the grid (see video below :)
I love to go up there and sure, take as many pictures a possible, but I also really love to just sit down and meditate for a couple of minutes and enjoy how FREE you feel on top of such a monumental building. I was so happy I finally had the chance to share this amazing feeling with my biggest love and be THE ONE taking him there for the first time. We can now take this off our bucket list!

What would your unforgettable experience be? 
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