Art Basel Miami 2017
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It was all a dream! That’s exactly how I ended my visual story on Instagram of this past time in Miami for Art Basel. I cant believe it was only 2 weeks ago, it already seems like it’s been ages ago because I already feel the need to be back of course! It was my first time travelling with both Sophia and Alice and I couldn't have picked better partners in crime for this experience.  Sophia and I had already attended Art Basel last year but it was Alice’s first time ever in Miami so it was super fun to bring her to all of our favorite places in south beach.

Up here you can find a selection of all of the art fairs we have visited including CONTEXT, PULSE, ART MIAMI, AQUA, MUSEUM OF ICECREAM and the Faena installations on the beach (my favorite, I might have to say!)


I also have to introduce you to our dearest boutique hotel in south beach that made it possible for us to stay there during the busiest event of the year in Miami: RICHMOND HOTEL. (pictures below)

We had the best time there, and literally felt at home. Everyday we would have breakfast by the pool in the morning, then walk to the ocean just a couple of steps away, with direct access to the beach through a historical hotel’s family property path (that I loved shooting!!) and luckily had the chance to also enjoy ourselves and really taking some time to breathe.

We also had the chance to shoot a beautiful swimwear brand made by one of the owners’ wife called NADJEA. Richmond + Nadjea had an Art Deco Fashion Show on sunday 10th (that we unfortunately didn't attend as we had to leave for the airport) that showcased the latest swimwear collection from the in-house fashion boutique and an Art Exhibit showing paintings from an all female cast of international artists. 

But photos are worth a thousand words, am I right? So let me leave you to some of my favorite moments! 
Thanks again to all of the wonderful Richmond Hotel South Beach team to have welcomed us to wonderful week of work and vacation! Cant wait to see you soon! xx

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