The new Levi's® 501® Skinny


I think it’s safe to say that whenever someone thinks of a classic pair of jeans, you think of Levi’s®, and of course, of their masterpiece 501®. 
Born more than 140 years ago, it quickly became the most iconic piece worn by workers, athletes, rockstars and really anyone who needed a key jeans in their life.
Today this legendary piece has been remodelled to have a skinny version and we’re in love: a higher waist for the women to emphasize curves and a lower waist for men, both with a Button Fly and skinny leg. 
But the 501® Skinny news isn’t the only one, in fact it goes along with the Levi’s® anniversary and I couldn’t be more honoured to be part of this beautiful celebration!

Soooo...Happy 144th Birthday Levi’s®!!! (just so you know, I think you’re getting younger instead of getting older! :)
You can grab your own FREE customisable kit when you purchase a piece of the 501® family in any store!  what are you waiting for? 

♡ a Levis Girl xx” 


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