We are back from 5 amazing days in Mykonos with my baby cousin Francesca and I am so excited to share pictures and tips with you! 
We left from Milan super early in the morning and by 9 am we were already having breakfast at our first boutique hotel Kivotos, on a beautiful sunny terrace.
It’s structure its made to look like a small village, with the fountains, palm trees and bridges that connect all of the different rooms and outdoor floors, until you get to the swimming pool area and private beach.
We had a sea view premium queen room, so we could wake up every day to the sound of the ocean and the view of the beautiful yatch prince***

On our first day we walked around a little path that took us to the main beaches of Ornos Bay. Such a cute sequence of bars and restaurants where you can eat with your feet in the sand and your swimsuit still wet :) 
then we went back and soaked up the last rays of sun of the day at Kivoto’s swimming pool while occasionally having drinks inside the water… pretty cool!
On our second day we decided to explore Mykonos Town, starting with the Wind Mills and Little Venice, we walked through the bars of the bay and had the pleasure of encountering Petros right away!!! For those who don't know, Petros is the Island’s Mascot and it’s a pink Pelican who originally (or actually one of his many past ancestors) came to the island decades ago and just wonders around the streets of town in complete freedom.
A picture with or of him, is a MUST!
We continued and took pictures at the Paratoiani Church, and walked the whole morning around Matogianni street looking for the best souvenirs shops… and sneaked in some high fashion shops too, just to look you know ;) 
after a quick lunch in town we went back and enjoyed the last hours at the beautiful Kivotos private beach: it’s so cute and cozy, with just a couple of chairs and ombrellas and the best water swing.
It was a dream.


On our third day we left Ornos bay with a new destination: Platos Gianis and our new hotel, Kosmoplatz!
We were warmly welcomed by the staff who made us feel like we were at home for all of our stay, so a Big thank you goes out to Dimitris, you were the best!!!
We got to our suite with sea view and enjoyed some time on our private balcony, and jacuzzi and felt really spoiled in our own beautiful room!
but it was time to go out and explore: we went to get our quad and started our 1-day adventure with these 4 wheels. (it was honestly too cold and a little bit too dangerous to drive around. Please be careful when you go and hire one of these bad boys! I have to say it gets easier with practice but you have to be extremely attentive when driving it for the first time, the roads are not that easy!!!)
We went to psarou beach and went on a little adventure to paradise beach during sunset.

One thing we noticed while we were there is that we didn't really know which beaches were worth seeing in such a little time. 
Now I can for sure give you a little tip and tell you about my favorite beaches: Elia Beach, Super Paradise Beach and Paraga Beach (this one is also a nudist beach just so you know…)

On our fourth night we went to one of the most exciting experiences of my life: horseback riding on the beach. 
My cousin got me this gift for my birthday and I have been dying since April to get to Mykonos to do this!!! We were picked up from our hotel, to go to the ranch and get a quick lesson on how to horsehide (ehehe so bad, I was so freakin scared!!!)
but then once we got on our horse everything got sort of easier and smoother, Hector was pretty much following my instructions the whole time and made me feel a little safer hehehe
Our main goal was to arrive at Fokos beach to take pictures at sunset with our horse to then go back to the ranch, it was SOOOO GORGEOUS AND exciting, ive always wanted to go horseback riding on a beach and it’s finally off my bucket list!!! can’t wait to do it again!! 
We got back to the hotel and luckily we had DK Oyster restaurant waiting for us with the best dinner planned out for us: lobster ravioli and a typical greek dessert with honey and nuts, so so good! 

On our last day we decided to enjoy some time around Kosmoplaz hotel and there is a beautiful 15 mins walking path from Platis Gialos to Paraga beach that left us speechless. A complete view on the coast, tons of different flowers and cactus, and a trail that gets you to Scorpios, one of the most beautiful and well thought places ive seen in a long time, and something really similar to my ideal wedding venue hehehe
Then got back to DK Oyster Mykonos to relax on the beach celebrating the end of our week with some rose by the sea: getting to spend 5 days in mykonos with my cousin was amazing and it was something I will never forget!

last but not least you can find my TPS traveller column about 5 things not to miss in Mykonos here:

So, a big thank you to everyone who made this magical trip possible!
loved every single second of it! 

ps. try a restaurant called to Maeiero in mykonos town, so good!