#moustachicNYCedition with my love


YOU’RE ALWAYS A DREAM! my big big dream.

last year in September, I decided to book 2 flights to NY, to surprise my boyfriend on the day of his birthday, to tell him that I finally would take him to America!
You’re right, he had never been to the US and I insisted I would be THE ONE taking him for the first time. 
When I moved there last time that I lived in Brooklyn for 3 months, I just had met Giacomo and as weird as it may sound I feel like I had made so many memories in NY “with him” already even if he wasn’t really there. So to me it really just felt like it wasn’t our first time there together :) 
I consider myself a New Yorker (yes I only lived there for a couple of months, well, a total of 9 months overall ehehh- still) but this time we literally went through the most detailed list of touristy things to do, as we only had one week to show Giacomo as much as possible about my Big Apple.

A big thank you goes out to Yotel which made it so much easier for us to move around with its strategic position in midtown Manhattan! Our Room, on the 21st floor, had a beautiful view on more skyscrapers and a writing "New Yorker" that made me want to check it out every 5 minutes. But my absolute favorite thing was the huge terrace with the outdoor- movie-theater
You can check out all of their rooms and availability here:

So this is it, for this blogpost I decided to put down my week in a list of bullet points so that if someone is really just looking for tips and touristy things to do you can easily find them here... let's begin, shall we?

- walked from times square to central park through fifth avenue and all of broadway 

- stopped at Rock Feller Plaza and Flat Iron Building 

- continued onto Union Square through broadway and arrived in Soho

- had lunch in Nolita and a snack at Milk & Cookies in the West Village

- went for dinner at Chelsea Market

- walked around Soho

- ate a hot dog from a food truck

- walked around West Village and Washington Square Park

- tried another former food truck which now has a shop in East Village called Korilla.

- passed out in bed after shower pre-dinner (we kind of regretted it but not really haha)

- damn you, Pouring Rain

- decided to go to MoMa and Met (and saw a beautiful exhibition by Irving Penn, so lucky!) 

- quick stop at Shake Shack 

- shot pictures with my babe Brittanny (next post!!!)

- went to Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo 

- walked around the East Village and all the way up to Grand Central Station (you have to try the whispering arch!!! link here )

- had dinner at Serendipity 3 (a MUST!!!)

- ordered a box of 6 donuts for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts

- took a ferry boat to Staten Island and back to the city just to see the Statue of Liberty (and to see Manhattan from the water too!)

- walked around Wall Street, Memorial and South Street Seaport (my favorite!)

- had a drink at While We Were Young in the West Village

- walked to Meat Packing and went up to Le Bain and then straight on the High Line (one of  Giacomo's favorite things in NY !! YAY!!!)

- breakfast at Sprinkles Cupcakes

- all the way up to TOP OF THE ROCK!!! (better than the Empire because you can see the latter one and also doesn't have glass windows!)

- a little bit of shopping (right Giacomo???) and a cookie at Dō

- dinner in Williamsburg at one of my favorite thai place of when I used to live around there

- enjoyed the view of the Big City Life from the Williamsburg water front piers. (possibly one of the most amazing things you will ever see in your life) 

- back to Times Square at 2 am (yes. shopping at forever21 late at night is also a MUST!!!)

- SMORGASBURG!!! ( in case you don't know this is also one of the best things that I've ever experienced in NYC.  It's like a food truck reunion with the best kind of food from all over the world. Donuts and Lumpias are my favorite!)

So how did we do?
Looking back to all of these things I still can't believe we did it all in just one week! 
but I also have one more surprise for you:

MY NEW COLUMN for The Style Pusher with my tips for a Sweet Break in NYC!
You can check it out HERE