I live in Milan and with it being a chaotic city, sometimes if it doesn't rain for a while it becomes very polluted. 
On sunday we were supposed to have a family lunch here at home, but we decided to leave early in the morning to go breath some fresh air. It was really an amazing day especially because we are only 2 hours away from the sea.

Today I felt the need of writing something here, in my own "private" space as it's been quite a hectic month- or actually a sick one! 
Other than the car accident, I've had 2 flus and one problem with my period! so yep kind of a shitty month but I am ready steady for a new big one full of projects! 
One thing I am trying to get the hang of doing is VLOGS! 
I've been wanting to do one in ages but sometimes it's just really hard to capture interesting things especially when you're at home working from your bed :) 
SO im really hoping to finally do one in the next weeks and especially in the next travels! 

see you soon! 

ps. the top is from Are You Am I