Hi loves,  
it's been a while since ive written a post here, but Im back! As one of my new years resolution I wanted to post more regularly like in the past, and do more diy and vlogs. Im opening my new youtube channel so i'll keep you posted.  
I am always doing tooons of yogurt bowls and they re so cute but normally im tooo hungry (and a bit lazy too eheh) to stop and take pictures. But things are going to change.  
Also, I just ordered new stamps, because for now I only have the xmas ones, hence the weird shaped stars hahah, but still, they're cute. 
So all you need is : 

- GREEK YOGURT (I used a white classic one, but you can also use flavored ones, my favorite is blueberries, and it's cuter! I have a new post coming up soon!)  

 - 4 pealed kiwis

- 1 banana  

- White Chia seeds

-  Mixed toasted seeds 

- Coconut flakes 

- Crushed nuts

- Honey or Maple Syrup (optional)  


One you have everything you need you can start by pealing and cutting in thick slices the kiwis.
You can do the same with the banana and start cutting your slices with the star shaped cutter.
remember to keep the fruit leftovers for later- NO FOOD should be WASTED.
(note: the slices should be thick because I noticed with thin slices they tend to break with the cutter.)

Now you can starting to create you bowl. I always like to begin with a layer of plain yogurt, then add the fruit leftovers, and one more layer of yogurt.
Now the fun part. Place the little Kiwi stars in the outter part of the cirle, then do the same with the bananas in the middle.
Sprinkle on top the coconut flakes, mixed seeds, chia and nuts to your liking!
and now add the honey or maple syrup (optional but also you can put both on top! hahha)
and ta-daaaa your healthy greek yogurt fruit bowl is ready to be eaten!!!

I normally eat mine for brunch, for a late breakfast or also for lunch!

I will be doing more of these with different kind of stay tuned!!!

let me know if you have any questions or any suggestions for the next ones! 
see you soon!  xx