Asos Secret Santa

Helloooo loves! 
I just came back from Zurich (journal post will be up soon!) and I had this gift set from my ASOS Secret Santa waiting for me! 

So! Couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the Asos team to partecipate in this secret santa with 4 other bloggers. We were assigned a blogger to pick presents for from the Asos gift page  and after being given a series of hints by the Asos team, they sent her the goodies.
I received mine and I have nooo idea who was my secret santa! BUT THANK YOUUUUU! I've always wanted a unicorn pen. Seriously! but my favourite piece was the pink pon pon for my mini bags! Thank you secret santa!
also, I cant believe my blogger pretty much knew that I was her secret santa! hahah!

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