Bat Them Lashes

The one thing im good at when it comes to make up: Mascara.
I always get a lot of questions about what kind of mascara I use, and now the secret will be revealed! haha! 
The truth is: I used two different ones. 
I first apply "Clump Defy Extensions" Mascara by Max Factor and then "They're Real" by Benefit Cosmetics. 
you might be wondering why using two when normal people only use one, well, since I am not a big fan of taking extra time to take my make up off, I happened to notice that the Max Factor one is very light textured and gentle on the lashes. So whenever I want to do a dramatic and bold mascara eye, I first apply that one and then proceed with "They're Real" one, which is heavier in the texture. Doing so I manage to wash off most of the mascara with hot water and the cleanse it with coconut oil - yes, my biggest discover in 2015 was that you can use coconut oil for basically everything you need in life (lotion, make up remover, oil for hair, oil for food..E V E R Y T H I N G !) 

well now that you know my secrets, I also want to add that I did eyelashes extensions twice in my life and it's the thing I regret the most. Yes it's nice to wake up with cute eyes (I still looks too tired but whatever) but I find it too annoying to now be able to wash my face properly having to look out for the extensions, and the first ones I did I paid waaaaaay too much for them and they came off basically few days later (they told me it was probably because of the hot weather, and im like, why did you let me do it then?!) and this second time I did them, I was so excited and happy that they werent coming off like the first time, but, ehmmm, they havent come off yet and it's been one month and honestly they kind of hurt too. SO I guess I'd rather wake up like a zombie and do 3 more minutes of make up then going through this again.

What's your experience with fake eyelashes? and what make up do you use?

I wanna hear it all! x