[070st trench coat, GAP shirt, ONETEASPOON jeans, MELISSA shoes, CLOCKTAIL watch, MARC JACOBS sunglasses]

(same shoes two posts in a row..ahhhh)- joke-  let's be serious or ...not! because...let me introduce you to Clocktail: a pun on the words clock and cocktails, with it representing that specific moment outside of our everyday routine, that moment in which you are finally able to dedicate a bit of time and space to your true self. Given that, and the fact that I had to pick a color to put me in a good mood, I always "Think Pink". This watch comes in a series of 15 different colors in a 100% non-allergenic material, so it's good for any wrist and kind of skin- you can check them out here :) 

and let me know what you think, you might be able to take one home with you soon, stay tuned!♡