let's have this hair talk.

it's been a while I wanted to ask you to help me out.
I've haid my ombre hair for a while now, i think about two years.
and i love it, reaaaally love it, and it also took me some time to find my beloved hairdresser that does it perfectly, how i like it.. (even if some people still dont get it and are like "so you are just letting it grow back cause you were blonde right?" nooope sir, it's done like this on purpose..)
Anyhow, I've been doing some thinking, and what do you think if I just dont dye it anymore and let it all grow in my natural color? (aka the one you can see on my roots)
I just think it will look more sophisticated and also will grow faster..
also, it's been yeaaars that I wanted to try out some pastel pink dyes, just for the ends,
but im scared it will ruin the blonde I have now and never go away. haha but this might be the right time to do it before i go all out on natural color..
what do you think?should I get bangs?
going crazy, help!