so stocked about these three years with the blog.
it's a lot of fun and my biggest passion but also a lot of hard work, that needs perseverance.
Fortunately I get to share all the pro and cons with my team, my sisters, and all the friends that have supported me in these 3 beautiful years. 
And then my biggest thank you goes out to you guys for following and leaving comments that motivate me to do more and better and comments that helped me growing!
Thanks to all the sponsors and collaborations that makes this job so interesting and fun, and for believing in moustachic! 
My goal is to keep doing fun pictures that can inspire you daily, hope that's working out alright with you too!
 biggest hug and all my love to you, which will be a little more official and material with a giveaway and a happy video in the next post, who's up?

wait, wait, i need to say few more words to my sisters and my parents:
Alessandra, my number one photographer and motivator to do amazing pictures whether it's in the milan's glacial cold or new york city steamy hot july weather!
Alice, number one judge and critics savior, she couldn't have been more helpful for the upcoming projects!
my parents: for trying to understand this passion.. and why I now have so many kidding!
love you!

ps. congrats to the 2 winners of the Romwe Party Dresses giveaway!!
-  TRA MI NGUYEN (comment #9)
- DIANA (comment #11)
check your emails!! and remember to stay tuned in the next post for a new giveaway :) 

(the comments were 32 but one comment was not part of the giveaway)