[Aimo.Richly sweater thanks to Avenue PR]

"define MONDAY BLUES: 
The low-spirited, cool, annoyed, sad, unlucky mood of those workers, students, or employees who feel that a mundane, difficult, unexpected Weekday is arriving to force them into going back to work, killing their joys and annoying them."

every monday, same old story.
i have to confess: this might be the first year i am not in such a christmassy spirit. Usually I am all over the place with gifts and getting ready for the big day on the 25th, but somehow I don't feel the same this year, i dont know.. am I turning into the Grinch? I did get a little better starting to buy presents for friends and family, but now there is only one problem: they might not get here in time!! so frustrating! hahaha this happens every year..every single time someone will receive a "coupon" for a sweater for example, instead of the actual sweater.. 
do you do that too? or is it only me?
this is also the first year I won't be going back to Brussels for the usual high school reunion, so it's making me a little sad and realizing things are changing fast!
ok, enough! i promise I will get ready for Christmas and get my happy festive mood back on!
meanwhile remember to enter the giveaway, you will have the chance to get any dress you like:
it will make me feel better i promise and can't wait to know who is the winner!!!