[LUCIANO SOPRANI trousers and leather jacket, MELISSA shoes, MARGIELA x HM candybag, DESIRU' bracelet]

Being able to wear these beautiful clothes from Luciano Soprani was a real dream, so I decided to make the mood very fairy-tale-yy... and the light helped us a lot! can  you imagine these were shot just three days ago in Milan?! I will tell you more about the experience at the Luciano Soprani showroom in Milan in the next posts.. as an anticipation I can only say, they had the two-pieces Rihanna wore at the Grammy awards in february. 
aaaand i finally wore my melissa icecream dream-heels! most comfortable shoes I've ever owned!

[Thanks to Luciano Soprani and CCube Milano]
- Giacca Luciano Soprani in pelle color avorio con cintura obi
- Pantalone bianco Luciano Soprani in lino e seta