[Stolen Girlfriends Club THE FATES tee, TOPSHOP shorts, ZARA shoes]

The story of this jersey tee, I have to tell you. 
I walked into Urban Outfitters one day with my sister and I see it right in front of me on a mannequin, but cant find it on the stands, so one of the guys that work at UO told me it was the last one...
It wasnt my size but I tried it on anyways, just because..
I was so tempted to get it but as it was pretty expensive for something that wasnt even my size I was in doubt and asked one more time at the fitting room lady if they had more sizes.. She goes:" oh, no I think this is really our last one, BUT HEY! you should check online because I am pretty sure it's on sale there." SCORE, 60% off! so after trying to have it shipped at the store and failed I went home still in doubt.
I posted a picture on instagram with the top and the StolenGirlfriendsClub account actually said "GO FOR IT", then I also saw a post with babe from Natalie Off Duty wearing it and I was convinced- I had it shipped at my friends house with the huge discount :D