[SILENCE+NOISE dress, NASTYGAL transparent bag, BETSEY JOHNSON studded sandals]
Pictures by Nicole 

this pretty flowy dress needed a twist, so a sort of grungy metallic fence looked appropriate as a background for it to be paired with studded sandals. 
I found this dress at Urban Outfitters the second day I was in New York, when I couldnt find anything I liked in the sales section, I randomly grabbed it, and the tag written by hand said: $ 9.99. 
UHM. I mainly didnt like anything also cause it was all pretty expensive, so $ 9.99 didnt seemed to be the right price.
Anyways, I went to the cashier and asked if she could confirm the dress was $ 9.99, and she says: "No miss, this is $ 4.99, are you gonna take it?"
Makeup things come again! Eye Shadow Palette, Makeup Brushes, etc. Do you like them? 
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