I know Ive been literally stressing you about this new brand but truth to be told, I am crayyyzy about it!
&otherstories officially opened this morning in Milan, while the other night they had the preview and press set up! I think that by looking at their website or simply by these series of shots you can already tell how much research and work there is behind anything they do. everything is so well connected together. the colors, the shapes, the messages on the products.
it is for sure a new and fresh brand and concept here, and hopefully since this is only the first collection, they wont let us down in the future, because honestly, I was just so impressed by the perfection and attention to details today, even at the store.. 
soooo keep it up guys! meanwhile here is a big fan ;)

while here are the beauty products that &otherstories kindly gave to the first costumers at the shop,
and at the very bottom, this super well structured purse i got myself and an ear cuff.
what do you think?