Hi guysss! I finally have the three winners of the ROMWE giveaway! 
so it took me a while to figure out what was the most correct way to extract 3 numbers without changing the probability of each comment/person winning.
i finally thought of doing a random paper lottery because it was the fairest out of the other options
(each number refers to a comment/winner so i couldnt use random.org because having three winners/numbers I would have had to take out the number that won first, and then do 1 over 52, but then comment #53 for example would have been taken out without chance of winning) (and using random.org doing all three winners out of 1 over 53 would impose mathematical and probability problems :) 
so the good old fashion way with pen and paper and a bowl with the numbers won! 

here are the three lucky winners:


you will receive an email ASAP with the details of the leggings! 

*****the comments were 58 in total, but 5 were deleted as not part of the giveaway (just comments to the post :)