so my sister actually yelled at me when she heard i was buying the fourth pair at Zara but, listen, I have a pretty good explanation for this:
- all the shoes you see here were on SALE.
- lotsssss of SALE was applied on the original price of these shoes
- no shoes (nor people, almost) were hurt while getting these babies  (running out of excuses)
- I have a size EU 41 and believe me its impossible to find shoes in this size at ZARA, its as if they make only one or two pairs in the whole country and goodluck to whoever finds it first!
- im almost done,  and my last but not least argument is... i couldnt leave them there.
- short recap: shoes normally impossible to find+ SALE+ size available during SALE = I AM RIGHT.

ok, im glad i convinced you too! 

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