my experience at the maison martin margiela collection launch. mmm. 
so i dragged my sister with me this time,  i never actually went that early for any other collections, but i knew margiela was gonna be huuuge . we got there at 6,30 and there were already 80 people before us. 
(crazy someone went at like1 or 2 am..)  as usual we waited for the bracelets and left until it was out time to go in for 10 minutes only ;) (it became almost like a ritual..) 
the only two things i was looking for were the body bra and the silver candy clutch but once we were in everyone told me the clutches were sold out…… SOLD OUT?!
so you're telling me that in the only store in milan they didn't even bring more than 80 of those bags?! i found out later that they let the people before my turn getting more than one piece per person so that means they were gone beforehand. 
TRAGIC. i was heartbroken (not literally…but almost) in the changing rooms, and everyone that had one in their hands were holding them as if they had a treasure, as if someone would run by them and steal it away..
UNTIL the cutest shop assistant had a pink one in her hand together with another bag and i STARED at her, went straight at her and asked: " are you putting that down?!" … about other 10 girls heard and stared at her, i think she was scared we would attack her, but as i asked first she said " what changing room are you in?… you didn't see me doing this!" as she threw it in there. SUCCESS. i am now a proud owner of the candy clutch YAYYY! ( i know i said i wanted it in silver, but FATE wanted me to have the pink one and i suddenly liked it better than the silver one). 

SORRY for the long ass story but i HAD TO share with you my lucky adventure 
hope you like the pieces i got (yaaa they're not all mine, but as a family with 4 women we can share :) and cant wait to do outfit posts with those. SOON! 
 did you get anything for yourself? what? 

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