[H&M conscious collection jacket, Zara fluo top, Topshop Moto jeans]

This backyard is another thing i will miss about my own little bubble in Paris.
I am finally starting to realize all that I went through this year with the amazing Paris experience, but I have to admit being back home is priceless, especially because I get to see my baby nephew everydayy (you can probably tell better by my facebook/twitter/instagram pictures..)
I think this lana-del-ray inspired headband is one of those things you can only wear for themed parties or post pictures, and thats why I added it to a simpler going-out-for-dinner outfit.
The fluo top looked like it was made to go with this h&m conscious collection jacket which by the way  i am starting to wear backwards more and more because i just think it looks better
what's your say?