So everything is almost ready for tomorrow' shooting
its a bed story so everything will be white in the background (bed sheets and walls- while blue and gold clothes of course :)
I had half of the things (thank God!) and some I bought at my beloved American Apparel store in Victor Hugo, I always find what I need there and the staff is soo nice.
I usually only stare at the nail-polishes while waiting to pay but today the line was extremely slow so i decided to try the glitter one on, and im glad i did because a part from the fact that it looks like a DIY, i love its texture. (my nails are like gone due to stress, baaad, but i just wanted to show you how it looked like)
I am also going to do some DIY bracelets with wire and color sprays, and what else, a looot of accessories!
last but not least (but def not for the shooting- i just thought it goes with the other pictures) is my new doughnut puff - it was kind of embarrassing walking around paris with it and about 3 people tried guessing and then asked me what was it- (and also tried to guess my age (???) they seemed pretty amused!