Hiii everyone!
i hope you all had an amazing time on Christmas!
Some of you asked me how i did the tights of my previous post, so here is a brief explanation of what i did!
This is my very first DIY on the blog and it wasnt even planned so i apologise in advance if its a bit messy or confusing :)
 I did these tights for a test shooting for my portfolio at school (hopefully will show you pictures soon) lets just say they're really "homemade" aka wont probably last long, but they're shiny and fun, and to be honest none of my pair of tights really last any longer haha)

all you need to do is:
1. buy the simplest pair of tights (or the craziest?), skin color in this case
2. use an old sheet of paper to work on, yes the glue gets sticky (the spray glue i used is a photo mount from 3M- i told you this was random)
3. lay the tights on the sheet of paper and spray on each leg (approx. knees area)
4. "quickly" pour the glitter on the area you sprayed before
5. leave it to dry for just few seconds then put on the tights on your arm just to separate the two sides with your hand (this way you will be able to actually wear the tights at some point eheh)
6. spray some more glue and repeat #5.
(eventually add more glitters if you lost too many by doing #5)
7. i left them to dry for a night, since i had the shooting the next day but you could probably do just 1 or 2 hours (or minutes).
8. feel like a little fairy in your brand new shiny tights