I apologize as Ive seen quite few posts about this in these days but if you read through, you'll probably get why I couldn't avoid making a post about it too.

Life sometimes can be a huge coincidence.
While walking clueless through paris' little streets we happen to stop by Colette, so many times i heard people talking about it and sure i knew what it was but never really paid attention to it until i realised i already had been there few years ago and had soo many memories linked to that place. anyways, not my point at all. 
I started jumping around like a 3 years old in a candy shop while my friend Olly asked info about this guy who was apparently signing books and one told her he was "you know, the one who makes these" pointing to one card with an eiffel tour and a statue of liberty. 
There she clicked and ran looking for me, since I had shown pretty much everyone my obsession with this website about fun facts and differences between Paris and New York, and i dont know how we missed the huge sign outside of Colette saying they were having all the books autographed that day.
I immediately asked for a copy so that i could go in line and get my book signed, but as they were obviously about to tell me that they were sold out, my friend found a Colette's sample copy. 
who cares, i said, im taking it. 
So i pay and get in line, until it was my turn to meet Vahram Muratyan, the genius illustrator and graphic designer.
Believe it or not I actually told him "you're genius"haha we chatted a bit and then he signed the book and what could I have possibly asked him to draw on my copy?
ahhh sweetest guy ever.