- on the I AMsterdam letters.. it def took me longer to get down from it than to get on it.
(it seriously was embarassing after a while haha)
- I WAS actually wearing shoes, they just were a bit slippery and im scared of heights which also explains my previous point!
- the kids in the last picture of IAM werent with us but they were posing in our pictures for a bit!
- Van Gogh Museum was amazing, (even tho a guy got mad at me cause i wanted a picture of the "sunflowers" :P)
- i loved every single canal we walked by (but couldnt avoid taking a picture of the baloon one!)
- i was wearing the MOST comfortable romper i had bought in london few days before
(and the neon sweatshirt that matched the tiny little polkadots of the romper of course)
- its unbelievable how many bicycles they have there
- such a crazy city
- i love my friends :D

[ Urban Outfitters romper, H&M neon sweatshirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, Minnetonka flats]