Brussels journal

Hiii everyone! Just got back last night from 48 hours trip in Brussels, and I miss it already! 
We (mom, aunt and cousin) drove there on saturday morning and went around (shopping) as soon as we got in the city. My goal was to find a dress for my sisters wedding (still sounds strange to say!) which I did't find but got very close :) 
On Sunday we went to this beautiful market in Waterloo, so many inspiring things and scarves for only 50 cents :)
I always love going back, it means soo much to me.

BUT moving on- going to MADRID tomorrow morning! 
Any interesting places (shops, bars, restaurants, anything!) you would suggest to visit?
SO excited!!! 

The house i used to live in! 
(not the one on the tree :D ) 
Avenue Louise  

My mom's Vintage Jacket, American Apparel Leggings, LES LOLITAS boots, Vintage Scarf

Dolce&Gabbana faux fur jacket, H&M leggings, Lolita Milano flats