Bahamas at Cape Santa Maria

I don't think there's enough words in the world
to express the love we have for Cape Santa Maria and their staff! 
We had the most memorable time and fun while we were in our Villa in Long Island, and truly left a piece of my heart here!

As I am sure you have followed along on Instagram,
We stayed at CSM for 5 days in July right after our Miami Swim Week trip.
I was travelling with my favorite babes Alice, Alice and Sophia
and I couldn't have asked for a better trio! 

We flew in from Miami with a connection flight in Nassau before landing in Stella Maris Airport which is just 15 minutes away from the resort- how amazing is that?
Once there we were immediately welcomed by Matt and his staff who took us to our beautiful and biggest Villa: we were happy like kids!
The Villa had 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms one very big kitchen and living room, an outside veranda on the beach and all of the appliances you could possibly need. 
Unfortunately, (or should I say luckily? hahah) we haven't used the kitchen as we had the pleasure to try the CSM restaurant for all of our meals.
Ok so, not only this place looks like heaven on earth, but even the food tastes amazing?!?!?!
oh well, the answer is

We tried almost every single dish on the menu:

pancakes, home made granola and parfait, french toast and BANANA bread french toast which is something I have never had before and everyone should try it at least once in your lifetime!!!
for lunch and dinner: any kind of salad, shrimps, chicken, and fish tacos, curry shrimps and the best lobster you could possibly ask for!
let's say we weren't really in a mood for diet! HAHA

ok enough about food, 
what can I say, everything was just as perfect as you can see in pictures, no need to lie about anything. 
The beach was just in front of our villa, literally two steps away. 
We had a private gazebo with shower and beds that we could use everyday, as well as additional umbrellas and paddleboards.
The best feeling was being able to wake up and right away jump in the water, that is something priceless. We just enjoyed days of the easiest photo shoots and long walks on the beach to explore the (uncontaimed) coast.

One of the days we took of for an adventure to the pigs island which we reached by boat and everything was once again perfectly organized by our resort team.

I will leave you with a small recap video of our best time here
and once again, 
CAPE SANTA MARIA we don't know how to thank you for
letting us have the best time there with you!