As soon as we landed in Lanzarote my first reaction was : Why the hell is this the first time I come here?! 
The first thing you see when you get out of the airport is a beautiful cactus setting and you already get the feel of how clean and NEAT the island is. We rented out a car from the airport (best if you book before online- you get better deals!) and drove straight to

 our home for the next few days: VILLAS DE LA MARINA.

The villas are situated in the heart of Playa Blanca at the very south of the Island and you truly immediately feel like at home, at your summer house. After the gates open you have a parking spot for the car (very convenient) and a beautiful entrance where you can get a look at the whole house through the glass windows that characterise the villas. Almost forgot… The pool! I neve thought we would have the time in only 3 days to enjoy the pool, but the water is so warm and inviting that you literally give up and jump in! The Villa is very spacious: 3 double rooms/ 4 bathrooms/ 1 kitchen, living room and communicating balcony. It feels like the perfect place to book if you are planning to visit Lanzarote with your friends or with your family!

Our Villa was number 7 "Villa Schooner"
you can see it and book your stay here:

The best thing they told me to do before planning anything in Lanzarote is not to do a strict schedule and actually decide day by day according to how windy the day is (a very strong wind can completely mess up your plans and make some activities unpleasant.)

One more thing I’d like to point out is that we managed to do so much in only 3 days even if I am already looking forward to go back to see the things we didn’t get a chance to. Lanzarote is so WILD and FREE that you have to drive around and just stop and admire the views whenever you feel like it. We stopped the car SOOO Many times because you get so many different scenarios in very few kilometres. 

Pictures speak a thousand words and this could not be any more true about Lanzarote so I am going to leave you to some images that I will keep in my heart FOREVER! (see the Carousel at the end of the text!)

here is the plan of our 3 days in the island, enjoy! and if you have any questions don's hesitate writing to me! xx 



(very windy = go to the south of the island)

- Timanfaya Natural Park
- Los Hervideros
- Playa Papagayo (the bar with the view is the cutest, paella is pretty good!)
- dinner at Puerto Del Carmen (soooo touristic but it was very fun to see all of the bars and restaurants lived up even if it wasnt really high season! :)



- Museo Lagomar
- Jardin de Cactus
- Famara beach ( bring something to cobver your head and beaware of the sun rays- it's windy so you might think you're not getting sunburnt but believe me, you are!! Also, we stopped at a very cute bakery for lunch called Jonnie Bakes in Teguise)
- Geria (we did the wine canteen tour and tasting at El grifo) 
- Dinner at a very very good (REAL!) pizza place in Playa Blanca called Avenida 55



(not windy = north of the island)

- Jameos del Agua (I think this place is truly incredible and it’s so cute to see the blind lobster spark up in the water)

- Cueva de los verdes (if I could go back I don’t think I would stop to see this as the tour takes 1 hour and we had so many other things to see- it’s only caves but the illusionary trick of the green light is very amusing to see- so if you have time GO!)

- El Caleton Blanco (I LOOOOVED This beach so much!!! and it was so much fun to see how the sea would retire and come back to fill the beach with water in just a couple of hours it moved so much!!!

- El Mirador del Rio (where do I even begin. THIS- SPOT-IS-INSANE. You are on top of the world and mother nature is just straight up showing off all of her power and beauty all at once. We didn’t really have time to appreciate the bar inside, I am going back just to go up there and get the longest coffe and drinking it while enjoying the view.

- Arrecife (this was our last stop as we were leaving the very next morning at 5 am. The city is very VERY different from all of the other parts of the Islands. I didn’t enjoy it at first as you are so used to being in a pretty and natural enviroment for the past days that you feel like you are back from vacation at first, but then... we went to have dinner at the harbour and everything went back to spectacular!)