here we are again,
one more year went by in a blink of an eye and I found myself organising another colourful and way too pinkish of a party…a pool party!

I had the complete support of Novotel Milano Linate  by Accor Hotels straight from the beginning when I had thought, why not use a swimming pool and fill it with balloons and inflatables? (Well this pool in particular was HUGE so we didn't really fill it all but only one bit, and still looked amazing.) All of the staff was also simply amazing, starting from the director to all of the guys who helped me set up before the party, satisfying any possible request we might had sooo grazie a tutti!

The main idea of the party was to serve fun drinks and food by the pool: Bellini and Cioccolati Italiani fit right in and helped me out realising all of my ideas with the cutest mini versions of their best products.

We had small Bellini’s 20 cl bottles to drink directly with a straw (so cute!!!)
For those who don't know Bellini is made by mixing prosecco with the freshest peach juice, therefore it was truly perfect for this afternoon celebration.

Continuing we had tiny ice-cream cones and chocolate blocks from Cioccolati Italiani. Although the unexpected hotness we experienced on Sunday my friends at CI managed to keep the gelato safe for the hours of the party. Oh, and remember to stop by the Milan store if you’re in town for brunch: it’s -hands down- one of the best I know so far!!!

All I really wanted to do in this post though was to thank from the bottom of my heart all of my friends who took the time *in such a busy week/end* to come and celebrate with me, which means A WHOLE LOT to me. 
Also, thank you to these friends for believing in me when you said that I would be able to get on the Inflatable flamingo without falling into the water and apparently it worked!! It was definitely the highlight of the party... or was it the cake?!
Let me tell you a little bit about it. It took the longest time ever to bake- I literally never spent so much time in my kitchen myself (ahhaha).
The inside was sort of simple: it's a 4 carrot cakes stack with chocolate layers, all of it covered with a sugar coating (so hard to model btw!) and a "fake" icecream cone also made of sugar and sprinkles. I am not gonna say it was easy cause damn it really wasnt but I am so proud of it and it was totally worth it! As per usual I forced my boyfriend with helping me with this and I think he's also really proud, aren't you??? :) 
Last but not least thanks to the Toni&Guy team for making my hair a little lighter.. I'll tell you more about it in an upcoming post where I'll actually be BLONDER!!! :O
In last year’s post I was wayyyyy more emotional, but I kind of surrendered to getting older.
Let’s just enjoy life the way it is, shall we?