Our weekend started on friday night, when we were ready for a long but exciting car drive from Milan to Tuscany. This honestly rarely happens but my expectations were drastically exceeded by the beauty that is this place: Argentario Golf Resort and Spa.
We arrived around 10 pm and we drove though a whole lot oftrees and soft lights. It was already magical.
Our room was very spacious and modern, but after a quick dinner out we slept like babies knowing that the next day we would have had the whole time in the world to discover the resort. We stayed at the Travel Club suite which included a King size bed, a tabarca-stone tub in the bedroom (my favorite part!!!), a panoramic terrace and a beautiful gift from Carita Paris with their best products.  The room per se would already be the most relaxing place on earth but we woke up got ready and had a long breakfast at the Dama Dama Club Room, the gold chairs and the leather sofa were just as amazing as the view you have while eating.
Right after we shot a couple of pictures and enjoyed the indoor spa which includes a fitness centre, bio-sauna with chromotherapy, Kneipp circuit, heated indoor swimming pool with saline water, 6 massage cabins, tanning showers, and where I also had my Carita Paris face treatment. I left the Spa with skin soft like a baby.
With what it felt like no time whatsoever we were back eating our lunch at the Dama Dama restaurant. Oh- so- good original dishes from tuscany, which we had again at night but this time we were excused since we actually went for a 40 min walk along the beautiful golf courts of the resort ;)

Argentario Golf & Spa Resort is honestly SO BIG. We went for two different jogging trails one on saturday and one on sunday, and I wish I had brought my running clothes because it would have been so fun to run too!
We walked a bit also while discovering Porto Ercole, where the resort is situated. After a 5 min drive, we arrived at the Harbourand “climbed” stairs till the top of the belvedere (wear comfortable clothes and shoes haha!)

It was soo prettyyyyy!!! look for yourself! The sunset was just woow, so was this experience,  it was all so amazing I literally don't have any MORE words to describe it.

just, THANK YOU SO MUCH to the staff for being so incredible!