Hello loves, 
the much anticipated post with all the details of our journey to Santorini is here and I couldn't be more excited to share it all with you! 
before starting I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart Bella Santorini, Kapari Natural Resort, Spiridakos Sailing and IKIES Hotel for making our trip magical and for being part of it! 

We arrived at Bella Santorini early in the morning and after a quick explanation from our friends there on what to visit in the island during the 5 days stay we immediately went to get our scooter along the Perissa beach. And here it all began.

Day 1: for the first day we decided we wanted to get a good look of the island first and just drive and get lost and drive some more to really understand what we wanted to see in the next days- if you do have a couple of days I recommend renting a car/scooter to REALLY experience the island. Santorini it’s not only OIA and white houses I cant guarantee there is so much more to see! :) 

We stayed in Perissa beach to have lunch at Tranquilo (all beach bars are really particular and fun there!definitely a must to go have lunch and lounge by the beach- most bars also bring you food to your sun beds and ombrellas!) - then we drove to Pyrgos. We walked up to the highest point to get a gorgeous view of the whole island and even though we weren't really lucky with the weather the first day, it was absolutely pretty and calm, as it’s not so popular with the tourists.
We hopped on our scooter again to go visit the red beach in Akrotiri: the water was amazing and we stayed there for a couple of hours before leaving for Megalochori to catch the sunset.

Bella Santorini was our home for the first 3 days as we decided to stay in the souther part of the island to actually be able to move around and visit every bit of it driving around in our scooter, and it was the best decision ever. Greeks are extremely friendly and even if I knew that I was still surprised by how quickly we became friends with the staff at the hotel. They truly made us feel at home and feel like we could have visited the whole island in just a couple of days. Well, they made it possible. I would suggest to anyone to spend the first couple of days going around the island with base in Perissa/Perivolos (so you can also enjoy the beach), and then move north to enjoy Oia or Imerovigli.
Will I ever be able to thank you enough? hopefully see you again soon! 


Day 2: we had a busy busyyyy schedule. Well, to be honest, we didn't really have a schedule but we happened to do things in a very natural way that led us to see so many things in only 8 hours.
We started off by driving through Fira and stopping at Firostefani to walk around. Then we were headed to I Merovigli - we probably picked the worst hours ever to do it but we hiked SKaros Rock right before lunch time. ( if you are reading this please pick a better time to go hiking if it’s a HOTTTTT day)
Skaros was a fortified settlement and it was inhabited in medieval times, because the fortress constructed there offered protection from pirates.
The hike it’s not hard at all, there are a lot of steps but overall it’s completely doable. The only tricky part is the actual last bit that only a few people with hiking tools were doing. But at the very end if you look down, abeautiful white church caught my attention so we made our walk a little bit longer.

We went back to have lunch and moved to Oia. I was impatientto get there with all the pictures that I hadseen around, I just couldn't wait to take my own shots and see these amazing picturesque little houses.
And so it was, really, truly, beautifully, amazing.
After a good couple of hours of breathing in these white walls, we drove a 5 more minutes norther towards Amoudi Bay. (they have a cute cliff where you can jump off from or just swim in the sea!).
This place is famous for its incredibly romantic waterside restaurants and the boats that come in the bay to watch the sun setting on the Caldera.
We had dinner at Amoudi Fish Tavern (amazing!) and then went back to Perivolos to sleep. (40 minutes drive, a little chilli, but definitely worth it!)

Can you believe all that was just in one day?!
no? neither can i!

Day 3: we took it a little easier by chilling at our pool at Bella Santorini in the morning, having a late breakfast.

We then drove to IMerovigli to see it more calmly since the day before we really just had gone for the hike. We randomly stopped to get coffee and that’s when I realised that all coffee/bars have a spectacular view on the sea, so really any random one will do. 

Our afternoon was even more amazing though and I couldn't even begin to imagine what Kapari Natural Resort had planned for us!

You see, what’s different at Kapari is that they take extra care of their costumers and try to make a customised Santorini experience for each one of them. We were welcomed and introduced to the history of Santorini, learning about the earthquakes that made it change shape from a circle to the one that it has now with the volcano in the sea, with the remains under water.
On another note Kapari went from being a family vacation house to a luxury resort with the distinctive characteristics of the cycladic architecture, the "green" logic and "smart home" concepts for the buildings. One thing that made me love Kapari even more is that it’s all made in natural shapes and colors, there are no corners, only rounded walls painted in a light beige that will not hurt your eyes under the bright sun.
We enjoyed the afternoon at the infinity pool (it was love at first sight) with some home-made cocktails and then we were ready for the most memorable sunset dinner I’ve ever had.
I think pictures speak for themselves here better than ever.

Day 4: we woke up, chilled at Avant Garde Suites swimming pool, and then enjoyed a little beach time at Perissa- again, best beach bars I have ever seen. You have a free sun ombrella and beds if you get drinks or lunch at their bar!
by 3 pm we were ready at our hotel waiting for Spiridakos Sailing to come and get us for our catamaran experience.
I never felt so spoiled!!! hahah they came to get us with a mini van together with other hotel guests, then we sailed away ready to chase the sunset.
We saw red beach, white beach, the indian rocks and the whole beautiful Caldera, to then go off healing swimming at the volcanic hot springs with the sulphurous water. ( WARNING: one thing they didn't tell us is that the water leaves orange stains on your swimsuit- so go there with apparel you dont love! hehe)

We had a beautiful dinner on board, everyone was super friendly and sailed off back to the port while the sun was setting… (and if you saw my snapchats on MoustachicSnaps you may know that they were playing the Titanic song and we all agreed it was rather inappropriate! ahaha)
It is definitely one amazing experience to do even if you are visiting the island for just a couple of days, since it lets you see the cities from the sea and catch an amazing sunset view. Thanks again Spiridakos!
find more info here:

Day 5 and 6: We took off super early in the morning to move to IKIES in Oia for the last 2 days in Santorini.
For the whole trip, while we were walking and driving around like crazy and we would see people sunbathing and chilling at their hotel’s swimming pools we were thinking “ How can someone come to an amazing place like santorini and just sit by the pool, without exploring the island?”
Honestly though after 5 days of trotting around, I could use some lay-down-tan time, and so we did. And loved it.
In the meantime we enjoyed some ice-cream at Lolita’s (which is amazing and yes, so photogenic too!),had dinner at Melitini (an amazing greek tapas restaurant, again, with a beaaaautiful view!) and even visited Santorini Secret Hotel’s gorgeous infinity pool.

We felt very spoiled at IKIES too. IKIES is the perfect combination of an hotel in Oia. Combination of the facts that you are in Oia, so in the very fancy part of the island, but at the beginning of Oia, so you have an amazing view of it, and still have the privacy of chilling by the pool without having too many tourists around watching you as the hotel itself it’s really secluded. We also had our private little balcony, with a jaw-dropping view where we cheered at sunset with a glass of red wine and had a customised breakfast on our last day that made me somehow even more sad to leave. Literally could not have asked for more.

Every trip is special and has it’s own identity and memories but this one was even more special to me as I feel like it made me feel like my true self like no other journey before.
Thank you Santorini!


ps. you can watch a little video I made of our trip here: