Well-being Paradise


Last weekend we left for a couple of days getaway at Hotel Villa Agnese, located at the foot of a noble abode, only two hours from Milan.
By the second we passed through the Villa gates I was already in a peaceful state of mind and captured by the charme of the outdoor pool illuminated at night and the romantic old-style bedrooms. Everything was even better the next morning when we woke with such a pretty view from our balcony onto the mesmerising garden. Breakfast, which is obviously my favorite meal of the day, included organic and gluten-free options with a large healthy selection of fresh fruits as well as croissants and focaccia, yes!!! As you know me, I am all in for the sweets and I normally don't eat salty food in the morning, but I literally could not resist when I saw fresh and oily focaccia with ham. I surrendered! 
One of the thing that made me love this little place even more though is that Villa Agnese is one of the first eco - greens hotel of the Ligurian region and it uses Geothermal Energy and Solar Panels for heating, air-conditioning and solar energy. So thumbs up for that!! 
On the first day, saturday, we started by shooting pictures at the pool, walked around the pretty Sestri Levante, ending up laying down at the beach at Baia del Silenzio eating more focaccia. (be careful- this kind of weekend getaway includes LOTS OF CARBS!) We came back and had a relaxing dinner and an early night back to our Villa!
In complete honesty we did not plan the second day at all, but I was impressed on how easily we managed to visit so many beautiful places. Villa Agnese's strategic location allows to easily reaching the Cinque Terre and Portofino, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do!
We only had one day to see as many things as possible since we both had never been, but next time I am definitely ready to walk through the hiking paths instead of driving there! :) 
We left on sunday morning after another rich breakfast at the Hotel, and drove about 1 hour to reach Manarola, had lunch of ice-cream (and focaccia…) with an amazing view , and drove again about 20 minutes to reach Vernazza. I have been wanting to go for years, no joke, and the fact that it was so unexpected that we went, it made me appreciate it even more!
I am italian and even I didn't feel like I was in Italy, as it felt so surreal! The streets, the colors, the flowers, the waves breaking onto the shore. It all looks like a little Paradise.
I hope you enjoyed my visual diary up here and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out! :) 
Thank you Villa Agnese for making us feel home during our perfect weekend escape from the city! As you probably understood, We will be back!
Lots of love

ps. find all info about Villa Agnese here: