not a wrinkle in today


Little photographic sum up of the weekend that we just spent at the beach celebrating a few days of "girls only".
I have never really been a girly girl friend. I always happened to have more boys friends and I think that is mainly for two reasons.
 I lost my best friend Anna when I was 16 and that sort of made me grow apart from the girly world. Weird as it might sound, this is actually the first time I am saying these thoughts "out loud"- I also realised I never spoke of it ever before on the blog and I don't know why. We had a sort of sisterly relationship and never had secrets nor were scared of saying anything cause we knew we would have never judged each other. We only had known each other for about 2 years and still it was one in a lifetime pure love that I don't know how to explain in words other than love at first sight - which is why only her father and brother really understood how much we meant to each other. I also think we had more of a "boy-girl" friendship which now leads me to explain my second point.
I love how boys never really get upset... on another note I hate that girls get mad at each other for really silly things most of the time while boys never take themselves too seriously which makes it easier to talk to and make fun of (I am really sarcastic and direct when it comes to jokes and some girls just dont get it.)
This weekend I had the chance to spend 3 days with 8 genuine girls (no boyfriends allowed- they were celebrating a graduation somewhere else!) and even though only the idea of it made me a little nervous in the beginning I honestly had the best time, and it was so relaxing.
I guess my point is it's good to let go of some fears and give other people the opportunity to know you better even if it's not what you are normally used to.
it's good to learn something about ourselves every day!
how about you? how did you spend your weekend?