moustachic x ART BASEL

Welcome to my MIAMI visual world. 
this time here for Art Basel was the most frenetic 4 days I've ever had in my entire life.
We visited ART BASEL, PULSE and SCOPE on 3 different days, and all of the art was magical and overwhelming at the same time. 
We also had very little time to shoot thousands of different pictures and outfits but I have to say that I am so satisfied with all of them, especially the pizza ones :P

A few anecdotes from the trip and things I learnt:

- never bring food for pictures ever again on the beach.
I am putting together a short video of the few days in Miami and you'll soon see my terrified face, but long story short: seagulls eat donuts.

- MIAMi is so so very hot in december too! it was supposed to be 20 degrees but instead it decided to be like 27 and most of the outfits were not OKAY for that temperature- I was obviously ok to do some shopping too! 

- if you decide to visit Miami for ART BASEL, schedule a list of things you REALLY want to see in advance. It was busier than I expected it to be and traffic was a bi**h so - plan in advance!