my daycation at DAYUSE.COM

my daycation at DAYUSE.COM

On Saturday I was invited by DAYUSE to enjoy one of their room in Milan during the day, to use the Spa and relax.
Never heard of it?
Dayuse is the first platform ever to allowing more people access to the hotel services during the day, transform your habits by letting you work quietly in an office different from the usual, make a stopover at a time leisure or take a "daycation" day to enjoy the amenities of a luxury hotel at an affordable price (deluxe room, room service, spa ...)

We arrived at our chosen Melia Hotel in Milan around 12 pm, when the super welcoming staff introduced us to our room and the hotel services. Shortly after we went to the relaxing room and spa they have at the very first floor and enjoyed a 30mins massages. 

it's a revolutionary way of taking a break from your everyday life, as well  feeling like you can escape your city for just a couple of hours literally feeling like your on vacation...DAY-CATION is really the best term to sum this experience up.

I cannot wait for the next one!

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