camel coat days

hello loves! Im back from Brussels ( #moustachicBrusselsEdition) 
and you will see all the pictures from the trip in the next post! 
meanwhile I wanted to show you some pictures we shot while playing around in Milan with my beloved Giorgio Ciccone - im so in love with the ones with the classic orange milanese tram!
I have a FASHION challenge for you! 
PLAY with the Farfetch widget to have the chance to win 3 incredible prizes: they will gift vouchers to the top 3 highest scorers by the 1st of Feb!

1st Place - £500
2nd Place - £300
3rd Place - £200

PLAY PLAY PLAY! im curioous to see what's your score! I did 88% (getting all the right but apparently im not so fast! ahha) here some tips: take a look at the accessories on first (shoes, bags, and shirts..) and play one time first just to see how the game works (I wasted 2 rounds just getting to know the rules! ) 
Let me know if you have any questions! x

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