Here it is finally, thevisual diary of my Cascais and Lisbon adventures summed up in an # called #moustachicPortugalEdition. 

This trip to Cascais was a trip organised with my family to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthdayyyy! Therefore I travelled with my parents my sister Ale and her boyfriend, my nephew (my sis Alice’ son) and my boyfriend. (unfortunately my sis Alice, her husband and the little niece Sveva didn't make it to the trip cause the baby was sick :( ) We only spent 3 full days there but I wanted and DID make the most of it and so I want share my experience with you guys in case you will be travelling to Cascais anytime soon. 


We arrived on a wednesday night at our Hotel in Cascais and only had time to have dinner and go to bed very early to enjoy the next day. On our actual first day in the city we visited the very cute city center (uhm how pretty are those blue tiles?) and went on a tour boat to see Cascais and the city views from the sea. Next stop: Lunch at the Mar Do Inferno. Perfect if you want to eat well cooked fish, and honestly so so good.  After that we walked back and visited the Cidadela and the Art District, then the Santa Marta Lighthouse and the Casa de Santa Maria. At night we ate at the Hotel and visited a streetfood fair that was going on at Estoril.


Second day was: Praia do Guincho. Get ready for some serious Wind guys. Never ever felt such a strong wind blowing on a beach haha that’s why it’s so perfect for surfers, and ladies, also get ready for some serious surf watching :) 
One thing that I didn't read online but just happened to explore was to walk through the “Duna Da Cresmina” that go from Guincho to Sintra. (we only did the walkable path on the sand, but it was so pretty and it was so exciting to see the path disappearing under your feet when the sand was too high! ) 
That day we went back to the Hotel for lunch, chilled at the pool for a while before heading to Boca do Inferno to watch the sun go down. Such- beautiful- colors, really worth it going there for sunset!

Third day was: Lisbon!  We took a 45 minutes train from Cascais to Lisbon and then decided to do the Tour Bus. We all had never been so normally that’s the best way to understand how the city is developed in the less time possible. Unfortunately it was cloudy and rainy so it wasn't a great mood and atmosphere but after the bus tour we walked around and finally some sun came out. Lisbon by walk is a totally different city. We only had a couple of hours left in the city so all we did was getting some delicious Pastel de Nata, 2 or 3 old trams that go up and down the city, some ice-cream, and the train back to Cascais.

Fourth day was: My favourite one. We took 2 buses to get to Sintra and visited the Pena National Palace. Oh My God! That place is surreal. At first I though I was at some sort of Pixar Cartoon Park, the architecture and the colours of this palace are dreamy. I think pictures speak louder than my words. 

After that we literally ran and took another bus to go to The Most Western Point of Europe: Cabo da Roca- really reallyyyy exciting and what-a-view!

Our trip ended up with another pool time at the hotel and a taxi back to the airport.
We only had a couple of days but as I told you, we really did the most of it and tried to see as many things as possible.

Have you ever been? Did we miss something we should have seen?

Let me know! x