You may or may not know that we have a new family member and sooo i want to introuduce you to this labrador choco pup that we called Neuhaus just like our favourite brand of belgian chocolates.
My sister decided to open the cutest instagram account (go check it out!!) called @choco_pup where she will be uploading funny pictures with him being the star - I swear he is so good you wont regret it! 

The best news tho is that Neuhaus (the actual chocolate company!) sent us a message saying how happy they were that we named him after them,  they will be following this journey with us posting their favourite picture every week, and sent us home the best limited edition chocolates to shoot with @choco_pup (below) even though it's breaking my heart that I have to leave for new york in a week and leave him home (with my family of course) and I wish I could be there while he is growing up fast especially in the first 2 months, I am happy to know I will be able to see him through pictures everyday! when I will be back he's gonna be BIIIIIIG! so I took advantage of the last sunny days and the fact that I can still hold him to shoot some pictures with him.