it's Paris

[Marc Jacobs tshirt- present from few months ago from my amazing friend Alessia, who really believed and supported me  in this, so THANK YOU!]

It's for sure now! I have been wanting to tell you for a while now but didn't wanna jinx it.
I am officially moving to Paris for the next academic year, so starting from October! 
Who would have even thought just few years ago that I would have been able to move around the 3 campuses of my school; it all actually started as a "joke" and never thought it would really happen.
I am so excited and thrilled to actually share this with you, of course I hope Moustachic will still be big part of it too! 


Tootsie Jean said...

Your so lucky. It's my dream to move there :D Good luck. the second photo is so cool


jamie said...

wow, congrats babe! have fun and good luck in everything you encounter dear!!

Fabiénne said...
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Fabiénne said...

love this!! amazing! :)

NICO said...

OMG I WOULD DIE! (Rachel Zoe voice)

you are so lucky my dear, that has been a dream of mine for like ever!!!! Well I wish you the best of luck and a wonderful experience.

Love your blog and tons of kisses from a blogger blogs fashion

Flora said...

hahah, lovely t-shirt!


Laken Linnea said...

oh my gosh, have an AMAZING time! i think it's impossible not to. i love that shirt :)
love always,

stern. said...

Cosa studi di bello? :)

annalisa said...


@stern: faccio Fashion Styling alla Marangoni, quest'anno ero a milano pero' :) xx

keschen said...

omg, you are so lucky. i've always wanted to go there!! i love your tshirt..

follow each other?


Ænne said...

Great that Paris worked out for you!!
You will have a lovely time there!

Kisses Anne

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, how exciting!! I hope you will love it! I'm new to your blog, but it's super cute, definitely going to click that follow button ;)

Liberty Walk Sara said...

Great t-shirt! :))


Sandra said...

Your blog is such cute and I love this skirt & photo on iPhone ;)I'm your newest follower!

Allegra said...

great shirt!

annalisa said...

thank you all for your suppport! :)) much love

Bang and Buck said...



Bang & Buck

lizchewy said...

Moving to Paris is my (and I think every girl's) dream!!! Good luck!!

Love your blog header so much!! it's just too cute.



helena said...

I'm so jealous! I want to live in Paris as well :(

tessa said...

love the top! and amazing that you're moving to paris!! woww so jealous.


Meena Dhuga said...

congrats on you moving to pareeeeee! hehe, so lucky! :) love ur t-shirt as well


Meena x

Jess said...

LUCKY GIRL!!! You're going to have the time of your life and I'm so jealous!

lucia mouet said...



Vicky said...

So jealous!!! Great last pic!

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Alinka said...

One moustached-crush for your blog, I like the design, what you're talking about and your style <3
New follower for sure !! :)

Bree said...

Thats cool I hope you enjoy the time!

Nathalia said...

congrats!! Thats the good thing about Marangoni, it's a great opportunity I'm glad you took advantage of it ... Paris is a wonderful city, enjoy it!

Viaggio Della Farfalla
The Key Item

Along with D. said...

love your Blog!

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