as november leaves

2 days until moustachic's 2nd birthday 
and i couldn't be more excited! 
so many things happened since last year (or even only in november..) and so my loves stay tuned as i am trying to organize something special also for you


she thinks she's made of candy

[Maison Martin Margiela at H&M CANDY CLUTCH, Black Milk Clothing Nairobi Dress, Zara Heels, UNIF coat]

candy clutch my sweet sweet love.
(actually so happy now about it being pink. if you dont know what im talking about you might want to read THIS.) hahah


under the hat

here is the newest post with my beloved Borsalino hat. 
how magical is it?

you can now find the winter collection in a very special pop up store on Yoox.com
going through the history of the brand with the video "Under the Hat" 
go go go pick your perfect christmas present!



im in between opinions about this top, i love the material and the colors and everything about it except maybe the shape, but im still deciding. haha
oh and if you want to check it out this is now on sale at topshop


last judgment

[BlackMilkClothing leggings, Jeffrey Campbell Lita, Zara leather top, American Apparel sweater]

so in the 3 hours in between my sister and I were waiting to get into H&M for the margiela collection...
we went to get some coffe and took some shots of these masterpiece leggings.
even tho I was F R E E Z I N G and god oh god i was tired, I am pretty satisfied I was able to take pictures in the back of the Duomo with almost no people passing by. (and when i say almost i mean not as many people saying " ahhh arent you cold?")
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