[TEE and CAKE dress, American Apparel socks, Valentino shoes]

soooo i hear it's halloween?
im going to post the look on spookbook.nu (aka lookbookdotnu) for the american apparel contest tomorrow so please please please be kind with the hypes?


peplum time

[NastyGal peplum dress and hat, Cambridge satchel bag, JeffreyCampbell wedges, Moschino watch]

time for bare legs is definitely almost over, I have one more post to show you where im not wearing socks but as you probably noticed the cold has invaded our daysss.
(also probably the last time I will wear these wedges beauties (*sighsob*)
happy sunday guys 


duomo galaxy

[BlackMilkClothing galaxy pearl leggings, ALICEBAND spiked headband, Zara top]

waaa so much galaxyness going on in this and previous post!
thanks sooo much to maa babes melis and nicole for these photos, they turned out prettyy cool with the lights and everything no? 
also do you think you can all take this pretty interesting survey about YSL?
 takes 1 minute!
ps. my legs are truly not as long as in the fourth photo, i swear/i wish.



I initially had bought these skirted shorts from Zara for a shooting in May, but then I wisely decided to keep them for myself...they're perfect, everyone should have a pair of these babies.
aaaand im really sorry for the last picture, i really couldnt help it...



[Black Milk Clothing cathedral skirt, Primark peterpan collar top, JeffreyCampbell foxy lita]

I am unbelievably thankful for the 5 thousand likes on facebook guysss! it makes me so happppy and makes me want to do more and more!
have an amazing weekend!

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